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  1. Dryer Vent Cleaning

    Do You Think About Your Dryer Vent ? Even though the dryer vent is often ignored or forgotten, it can be a hidden cause of multiple home ...

  2. How do gas fireplaces vent?

    Gas fireplaces are typically direct vent . Direct vent fireplaces draw fresh air into the firebox from outside. Direct ...

  3. If I have birds in my chimney what should I do?

    ... chimney cap s also provide added benefits. They help pre vent against water penetration, and the mesh siding (spark arrestor) will pre vent sparks from jumping out of your chimney and causing a fire on your ...

  4. Chimney Cricket

    ... At Emberstone Chimney Solutions, we know how to pre vent against severe water damage due to water pooling at the base of your ... we correctly install chimney cricket s to pre vent against damage from ice melt or water penetration. Get Help ...

  5. DaVinci Custom Linear Fireplaces

    ... laser guided track system. Depending on vent runs, these fireplaces may require multiple power vent systems and multiple air intakes. ...

  6. Chimney Inspections

    ... safety concerns if your home has experienced a dramatic e vent , such as a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake. This usually requires ...

  7. How To Clean A Chimney

    ... each year. We are trained to spot deterioration & vent ing problems that could act as a major disaster to you and your loved ...

  8. Installing Tempered Glass Doors on your Fireplace

    ... contact a chimney masonry expert. To pre vent damaging the glass remember to never lay the glass door unit on its ...

  9. Chimney Clogs

    ... enough to create a fire hazard. Regular cleaning helps pre vent against the accumulation of creosote . If the chimney is clogged, ...

  10. Chimney Caps

    ... a horrible odor in your home. Chimney cap s pre vent against potential chimney fires because they keep flammable material ...



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