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  1. Deteriorating mortar & masonry

    Deteriorating mortar and masonry Let Our Experienced Techs Help you The Chimney Safety Institute Of America says water and your masonry chimney is a dangerous mix. The result of prolonged water contact ...

  2. Wrong chimney liner

    The wrong chimney liner Let Our Experienced Techs Help you *Your chimney ... moisture build up in the flue system which can cause the masonry to deteriorate and cause the moisture to leak out into the house. We ... What is a chimney liner ? A chimney liner in a masonry chimney can be made of clay, ceramic, or metal conduit. They are ...

  3. Chimney Shoulder

    Deteriorated or improperly built chimney shoulder? Let Our Experienced Techs Help you The shoulder of ... from a broad base to narrow, is a common area where the masonry deteriorates and is the cause of leaks, or it is just not constructed ...

  4. Installing Tempered Glass Doors on your Fireplace

    ... likely come with glass doors but old fireplaces and custom chimney firebox es may not. Implementing this safety feature isn't very ... This install process is great for flat faced masonry fireplace s even small ones in tight spaces. This type of ...

  5. Damaged Chase Covers

    While your prefab chimney may not have the other leak issues that stone and masonry chimney s can experience, an area exposed to leaks around the chase ...

  6. Should I use chemical chimney cleaners?

    Chemical chimney cleaners should never be your sole method of cleaning your chimney . In fact, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) ... are advertised to remove a portion of creosote from a masonry chimney , but the use of these products alone isn’t an adequate ...

  7. Get the most out of your chimney + fireplace

    ... tempered glass doors + a heat/air exchange on your chimney is one way to maximize the efficiency of heating your home. ... + output of your fireplace it will protect your chimney masonry from corrosive byproducts and creosote buildup increasing the ...

  8. 6 Reasons To Have A Professional Chimney Inspection

    Chimney inspections are important for a lot of reasons, here are 6 of them. 06 There Could Be Animals Living In Your Chimney . Your chimney might have become home to some ... for the structural integrity of your roof, support beams, masonry and walls. You might not see leaks until the damage is already ...

  9. How do I prevent chimney fires?

    The job of the chimney is to efficiently carry flue gases from your fireplace out of ... rain cap Cracks in exterior masonry Creosote pieces found on the roof or ground ... Evidence of smoke escaping through mortar joints of masonry liner s Heat-damaged TV antenna attached to the ...

  10. What is the white discoloration outside of my chimney?

    The white residue found on the exterior of your chimney is called efflorescence. It may look like the natural aging of a ... a powdery substance on the outside of stone, block, or brick masonry. The salt deposits themselves aren’t necessarily a structural ...



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